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For pilots flying in today's IFR environment, communication with ATC is just about a full time job. A pilot flying in IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) can quickly be overloaded if ATC is busy and he or she is not proficient in radio communication. Being proficient at any task (of course) makes you better at it. It also makes you more relaxed and allows you more time to concentrate on other things. Proper communication insures that you and ATC understand each other and are in agreement. It also insures that a radio frequency is not blocked for an excessive amount of time. This is where Comm1 IFR radio simulator comes in.
Comm1 IFR is a complete course on IFR communication. Comm1 IFR is an interactive, easy to use software program. The program includes the following categories:

  • Locating frequencies
  • Filing an IFR flight plan
  • Before you taxi
  • Obtaining clearance
  • Departure
  • Enroute
  • Arrival
  • Approach
  • Landing
  • When things go wrong – My favorite category, lots of useful information on items such as; clearance void times, minimum fuel, lost communication etc …

These categories all have subcategories that are very specific and cover just about any communication scenario possible. Examples include; amended clearances, pilot reports, holding etc …
Most of the subcategories are then broken down into three sections:

  • Briefing: Discusses everything you are going to learn and gives you a briefing the same way your instructor might give you a briefing before a flight.
  • Practice: Gives you a scenario, allows you to tune radios, and then gives you both written and audio situations that you can reply to. If you buy the optional $25 headset you can more clearly send and receive the communications.
  • Debriefing: Reviews what you have learned. Then you can play back your communication with ATC and also hear an expert example.

The Comm1 program allows you to pick and chose the sections you wish to learn more about. There is loads of information if you decide to do all the lessons. To cover all this information with an instructor would take many hours and would not be as complete or as effective. This is the type of material well suited to computer based learning and Comm1 does a great job of covering the subject. This is a topnotch, sophisticated program with great graphics and loads of information. In addition, the program has a " help" section and the company provides a technical support telephone line. For us, the program worked trouble free. Procockpit recommends Comm1IFR to all general aviation pilots who are instrument rated and to anyone training for their instrument ticket.

For information on this and other products from Comm1 visit Comm1radio.com

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Procockpit is dedicated to advancing flight safety by providing useful tools and information to the General Aviation Pilot. Please take just a moment and read about our unique aviation program.

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