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Procockpits Training Section

Procockpits Flight Analysis has just been made a subsection of our "Training" section. We have added more training items in this FREE and always updated section. Flight Analysis is just one part of this growing information source.

Procockpits Three Pro-Initiatives

1. Professionalism - No company, no one individual, can appoint you a "professional". You're not hired by an airline one day and suddenly "professional" the next day. Professionalism is not a destination you reach; professionalism is something that exists inside of you, and you bring it to everything you do.


2. Predetermined Limitations - Attempting to develop limitations that allow you to continue doing everything you are currently doing is meaningless. Real limitations result in some change in a behavior. By definition, they limit you. Limitations and guidelines enable a pilot to recognize problems before they arise. We spend a lot of time training for situations that we shouldn't have been in to begin with, had we heeded the warning signs. Remember the old saying, "A superior pilot uses his superior knowledge to avoid situations that require the use of his superior skill."


3. Mission Scrub(ability) - Developing meaningful, individual limitations is great. But, adding limitations won't help if someone is unable to discontinue a flight that is not meeting requirements. Pilots must make a strong commitment that when conditions dictate; they will abort, scrub, go missed approach, go around, make a 180 or just leave it in the hangar.

These 3 Pro-Initiatives are the foundation on which you should build your training. There is no part of flight training that is unimportant, but so much of it is insincere if the above items are missing. Everyday the cockpit of even the smallest plane becomes more advanced. Modern cockpits, with moving maps and autopilots, require that you become more of a top manager than a Top Gun flyer.

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Procockpit is dedicated to advancing flight safety by providing useful tools and information to the General Aviation Pilot. Please take just a moment and read about our unique aviation program.

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